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Gallery - Historic


Photo of Mashona warriors from Chief approach Pioneer Column in August 1890

Photo of Lieutenant Edward Tyndle-Biscoe raising the flag for the Pioneer Column in Salisbury on 13th September 1890 in Rhodesia

Photo of one of the first Pioneer houses in 1890

Photo of Matabele warrior in Bulawayo in early 1890snonePhoto of Matabele girls in 1890

Photo of natives trading at Hartley Hills in 1891

Photo of first public auction in Salisbury on Pioneer Street

Photo of Victoria Column outside Court House in Fort Victoria in July 1893

Painting of The Battle of the Shangani on 25th October 1893 by Richard Caton-Woodville, Jr

Painting by Allan Stewart in 1896 titled The Last Stand of Major Allan Wilson at Shangani, December 4th, 1893, and dedicated to the memory of brave men

Photo of Frederick Courtney Selous with Bulawayo Field Troop during Matabele War at Fort Marquand

Photo of Mule transport in Matopos Hills down lond decline

Photo of wagons in laager in Matabeleland in Rhodesia

Photo of prospectors' camp near Hartley at confluence of Umfuli and Zimbo Rivers in Rhodesia

Photo of traditional village in Inyanga in Manicaland

Photo of Salisbury from Kopje in 1896

Photo of stage coach between Victoria Falls and Bulawayo leaving Victoria Falls

Photo of Umtali in 1897

Photo of inhabitants near Victoria Falls

Photo of Mashona women, young girls and childern in early 1900s

Ox wagon crossing Lumene River

Photo of Bulawayo Main street with Rhodes statue

Photograph of two spans of Victoria Falls bridge during construction

Photo of BSAP Maxim Patrol returning to Rhodesia over Victoria Falls Bridge

Photo of train fording Shashi River with water over the bridge

Photo of Salisbury Drill Hall 1908

Photo of land preparation at citrus estate at Mazoe in 1910

Photo of day halt on trek from South Africa to rhodesia in 1911

Photo of Matabele girls carrying beer to dance in Bulawayo around 1919

Photo of car driving up Christmas Pass from Umtali in Rhodesia

Photo of Que Que Post Office

Photo of English Church in Umtalli

Photograph of Queen Mother inspecting Kings African Rifles at Matopos near Bulawayo in Rhodesia in 8th July 1957

Photograph of Rhodesian Prime Minister Ian Smith departing London on 29th October 1965 after advising British Harold Wilson that he will be declaring Independence after failed talks

Photograph of lowering of the Union Jack flag at Government House in Harare with Prince Charles and Lord Soames on April 1980


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