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Gallery - Scenic

nonePhotograph of Kariba Dam wall with floodgates open

Photgraph of Victoria Falls with bridge and second gorge

Photo of Main Falls of Victoria Falls by Steve Bennett on www.rhodesian.com.au

Photo of Devils Cataract of Victoria Falls by Steve bennett on www.rhodesian.com.au

Photo from side of Devils Cataract of Victoria Falls in Rhodesia

Photograph of tower in great enclosure of Zimbabwe Ruins or Great Zimbabwe

Photo of Lake at Blue Swallows at Troutbeck Inn, Nyanga, Zimbabwe

Photo of sunset in Rhodesian bush taken by Patrick Mavros

Photograph of Salisbury cityscape along Jameson Avenue

Photo of flowering trees in Ceceil Square and Meilks Hotel in Salibury skyline in Rhodesia

Photograph of Jacaranda trees flowering

Photo of Leopard Rock Hotel at Bvumba in Zimbabwe

Photo of masasa trees with red leaves in Juliasdale by Ann Warner

Photo of Chimanimani Mountains of Rhodesia

Photo of John Petheram at Twelve Apostles in Chimamani mountains in July 1978 taken bu Steve Bennett

Photograph of baobab tree with donkey and scotch cart in Rhodesia

Photo of crucifix at Nazareth House in Harare in Zimbabwe

Photo of Ed Bennett hookinga trout on Nyamgombe River in Nyanga Zimbabwe

Photograph of Balancing Rocks at Epworth Mission near Harare

Sue Kok apprehensive at storm approaches Susurumba at Juliasdale in Zimbabwe

Photograph of strip road


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