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Gallery - Wildlife


Elephant bull at Chura

Photograph of liuon looking into the distance

Photograph of Fish Eagle on stump

Running cheetah

Photograph of African Buffalo driniking at waterhole

Painting of African Wild Dog by Morgan Riekert

Carmine Bee Eayters on bank in Zambezie Valley

Photograph of male leopard

Photo of lion wading through river

Cheetah with cubs on anthill

Photograph of hippo with open mouth

Jumping baboon

Photograph of Zebra

Photo of Sable bull

Painting of leopard in tree by Linda Lemon

Painting of cheetah by Linda Lemon

Painting of pair of rhinoceroses by Linda Lemon

Painting of elephants by Linda Lemon

Photograph of Nile Crocodile swimming in dark water


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